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EXCHANGE AND REFUND POLICY We thank you for your visit and we hope that our services will satisfy you.    The buyer has the right to replace the sold shoes within the period of (7) seven days from the date of purchase according to the terms and conditions (provided that the sold goods have never been used) and the existence of the original purchase invoice and all its attachments in its new condition (the replacement decision is returned according to the company’s conditions according to the part to be replaced)    The buyer is not entitled to refund the amounts paid during the sale process (according to the terms and conditions)    In the event that the customer purchases the goods at a specific discount (sales – special offer), the customer does not have the right to exchange his goods again, nor is he entitled to refund the amounts paid.    The company guarantees the sold goods according to the attached warranty period against manufacturing defects.    If you have any inquiries or comments, please kindly contact customer service:  Tel: 44432888  Mob: 50977259  Email:    We are pleased to serve you  Kybun Company

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