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kybun shoe and mat sizing

Find your kybun shoe size

To determine your size for kybun shoes, please use our ShoeSizeMe software. On each product page you will find a button labeled "HOW DO I KNOW MY SIZE?". There you can enter a shoe (via the search field above the logos you will find almost every brand) which you already own and which suits you very well. The software will then recommend your size depending on the actual product. As soon as you have entered your data once, your recommendation will be displayed on each product page. The recommendation can change depending on the shoe model and is recalculated for each model.


About kybun shoe Width:

All kybun shoes are generally wide (4E). However, there is variance among the models due to 2 factors:   
Sole Type - affects the shape of the shoe  Upper material
- affects the lateral flexibility  We therefore make recommendations for each model based on foot shape.
If there are any special recommendations - they will be included in the product description.  
Special Recommendations: For the Nimbus sole and Sandal sole:  
Order the same size as the charts below indicate  Take note if there are any recommendations for the model you chose, and if so follow them. Not all models fit equally  Use the button "WHICH SIZE FITS ME?" for an optimal recommendation  For the Stratus sole:
If your feet are narrow keep the chart size  If you have a wide midfoot order one half size up (e.g. from 8.5 to 9)  If you have a wide forefoot order a full size up (e.g. from 8.5 to 9.5)  Use the button "WHICH SIZE FITS ME?" for an optimal recommendation


Which kybun mat thickness is right for me?

kybun mat 2cm – For therapy and rehabilitation (learning to walk again) kybun mat 4cm – For individuals with equilibrium problems or dizziness, senior citizens, children, and individuals with injuries.
kybun mat 6cm – For general daily use: in training, at home, or at the office.
Basic principle: the thicker the mat, the more intense the training effect of standing on the kybun mat.

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